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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Vote for Nisa" Lucky Draw~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I would like to ask a favor from all of you. Could you help me, plz??

I've joined the "Style Your Scarf Contest" by Scarfs Addiction. And I need votes to win! ">_< Vote for me, and you'll be in the running of winning a surprise gift from me! ^_^

For those of you who are Facebook users, then you can surely be able to help voting for my pic!

All you have to do is:

1. Go to Scarfs Addiction & "LIKE" their fanpage

2. Then vote for me by clicking "LIKE" at my pic here

Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman

3. You can also urge your family members, friends etc, to vote as well.  The more you vote, the more chances you'll get of winning the surprise gift!

4. Voting period: now until 13 August 2011 ENDED

Additional condition (updated 25 July 2011)

*plz "LIKE" this pic at this link here

If you have liked this pic, do inform me. I will give you another extra name in ths list of voters. Thanks!! ^_^

Additional condition for bloggers (optional)

* Write an entry about this lucky draw. Juz paste the pic, and put the link of this entry & the deadline in your entry. [You will get 1 extra name in the list of voters] >_<

P/s - Plz state your Facebook ID in the comment section below, ok?

So....what will you get in return for voting me? Well, surprise, surprise!!!

This lucky draw has ended
For the winner announcement, click here


deqlis said...

done by my ID FB..

yg blogspot tu nanti me kasik link (dah buat) tp deqlis nk suruh my dad vote sekali ..tunggu erkk.. gud luck

Jom join GA Deqlis.. Timaceh

Cik Rose Cute said...


Id Facebook: Che Rosliza Che Mat

Id Follower: Cik Rose Cute

fieda said...

Id fb : rafidah salleh

IBU AQIL said...

ID fb:roslinda ismail
id follower: roslinda/ibuaqil

abazilah said...

done .

fb id : ainaa bazilah

Nisa' Azman said...

@deqlis: ok dear, hehe.. Thanks tau!

@cik rose, kak fieda, ibu aqil & abazilah: thanks a dh terjah entry korg..^_^

deqlis said...

ok nie link..

dah vote guna id my dad sekali MOhamad Ismail...+ my ID Ellismelia..

gud luck!

Myra Jay said...

Join vote :)

Id FB : Nor Myra

Gud luck ye :)

alyafify said...

sory sgt2 dear..alya tak da fb..but alya akan mnx tlg kawan2 alya vote okeyh =)

Nisa' Azman said...

@deqlis: ok.. so awk akn dpt 3 names la nnti dlm list, hehe..

@myra jay: TQ dear..

@alya: owh ye ke? xpe la..Thnaks anyway coz sudi visit, hehe.. if nk srh kwn2 vote, leh je.. ^_^

نور افيره said...

doen dear..

my ID :

my tEtt... =P :

i da suro my adik vote for u also dear :

kazen ID :

da 5 org vote u (!) ^^

good luck (!)

نور افيره said...

Ain_ Suke Senyum said...

Dear ain dh vote tau .
Ni id fb : Nur Zur'Ain .

Ain xwat entry lagi . insyaallah law de mase ain wat entry . ain vote ikhlas . gud luck ye dear nisa hihi .

tiefazatie said...

sis..ifa dah vote lak nie..

tp nie n3 baru wat..hee

id fb: tiefazatie

tq!gewd luck!

Golden Rose said...

sha join ya...

fb id: umma sharifah

aein~farhana said...

i da vote u..=)
id fb::aein nuraini farhana

aqishah said...

done vote..

ID - marissaqaisara

Zalina said...

salam dah vote


id fb;zalina ghazali

abazilah said...

done like . :)

Golden Rose said...

dah LIKE pic latest pic (updated 25 july 2011)...

fb id: umma sharifah

Nisa' Azman said...

@ نور افيره , Ain, ifa, Sha, aein, aqishah, Zalina, abazilah: thanks for ur votes ye.. ^_^

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

The lucky draw is now officially closed. Thanks for all your votes!! ^_^

Stay tuned for the results..