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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My BFF Contest

I've been personally invited by Butik Alesya to join this contest of theirs. A very interesting contest indeed! The closing date of sending the pics of you & ur BFF(s) is 9 May 2011. Click on the banner above to know more~....

These are the lovely prizes for the winners~.... ^_^ (really would like to win something here, hihi~...)

Hehe... so are you inspired enough to join the contest after knowing what you might win? Then hurry n click here now!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st giveaway from nabilamedan

Come n join this GA by nabila. The GA will end before June, but will be confirmed later by nabila.

If you're interested in joining this GA, juz click the flower banner above to join. But remember to put me as your referral, okay? Hihi~... ^_^

I'm gonna tag:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

saya nak hadiah best dari MamaFaiz & Shaklee

Let's join this GA by MamaFaiz. The GA ends 29 April 2011. Click here --> Giveaway ..siapa nak set body care crabtree/locitane.. Nutriferon.. Vitamin E.. semuanya free utk anda yg sy sayang <-- to join.


One pack of nutriferon (30 sticks) worth RM155 (1 person)

1 bottle of Vitamin E worth RM129 (1 person)

1 set Body Care (Hand/Body moisturizer/Scrubs)
from Crabtree/ Loccitane worth Rm150++

I'm gonna tag:

Kak Nida

Cute Mum


Lynn Azlina

Give Away Contest

Let's join this GA by Sweet manis craft which ends on 7 May 2011. Click the banner above to join.

Prizes up for grabs~.... ^_^

1st prize: Personalised pillow

2nd prize: Personalised wallet with winner's name

3rd prize: Personalised wristlet pouch

3 consolation prizes: Blackberry / phone casings

I'm gonna tag:


meoww cat

Kak Nida

Jom penuhkan gerobok si kecil di Gerobok Kecil Ku

Got an invitation from Mama Adam to join this GA of hers. The GA ends 1 May 2011. Click the cute banner above to join.


--> I should be shopping at Gerobok Kecil Ku because it has lots of cute baby products. Especially the baby tights which are so cute, that I might buy a pair or two some day!! Hihi~.. >_<


I'm gonna tag:

Kak Nida

Kak Nad


Yaya Azura 1st Giveaway

I was invited by Yaya Azura to join this GA of hers. It starts from 24/4/2011, the due date will be confirmed later. To join the GA, juz click the banner above. ^_^

I'm gonna tag:

Shera Haifa


Kak Nida

and whoever's interested in joining~!!

Suka-suka GA Mama Rayyan

Mama Rayyan is organising a GA that runs until 15 May 2011. Click on the banner to stand a chance of winning one of those cute casings in the pic. Hihi~... ^_^

I'm gonna tag:


Kak Nida


First Giveaway Umidanish

In conjunction wif her blog's 2nd anniversary, Umidanish is giving away tupperwares to her followers. The GA runs until 3rd May 2011. Click the banner above to join, ok?

Contest April Hadiah Utama RM100

The contest runs until 30 April 2011. Click the banner above to join.

GA Cuti-cuti Hatyai

In conjunction wif the launch of Doraemon Corner, ummie-mirahaziq would like to have this GA. The GA runs until 13 May 2011. Click the banner above to join. ^_^

* 3 souvenirs from Hatyai.. ^_^

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alycia Besday Giveaway

Let's join this GA by Alycia, who is organising it in conjunction wif her b'day. The GA ends 18 May 2011. Juz click on the banner to join, ok?

Juz wanna wish Aliycia...

May you achive your dreams & be happy always wif your beloved family.

I'm gonna tag:

mama tomell

mama shifa


Inner Itu Saya Punya!

Mrs. VIP is organising a contest esp for her followers. The contest ends 7 May 2011. Click here to join, ok?


1st prize:
5x cotton inners

2nd prize:
4x cotton inners

3rd, 4th & 5th prize:
3x cotton inners each

I think Mrs. VIP should give me those lovely hot cotton inners coz I love wearing shawls & I need pretty inners to match with the shawls that I have, hehehe... ^_^

I'm gonna tag:

Mama Tisya

mama shifa



Finally I have time to join this lucky draw by eB ezrin. The lucky draw ends 30 April 2011. Juz click the banner above to join, ok?

Memories are precious.
Memories are best to tell us what things are precious, important, funny & even hurtful in our lives.

Memories are best kept through writing in a diary/journal..

...or in a blog.

But best of all,
memories are best kept in photographs.

We can keep those memories of our first Raya celebration together..

Of our newborn baby..

Of our child's first row of baby teeth...

Of our child's moments outside of the house...

And of our child's 2nd b'day.

Memories should be preciously kept in our minds forever. ^_^

I'm gonna tag:


Shera Haifa

SLW 1st Giveaway

I have been invited by SLW to join this GA of theirs. It is in conjunction with Sweet Little Wardorbe's 1st anniversary~... The GA runs until 15 May 2011. Juz click the banner above to join, ok?

Prizes up for grab~.... ^_^

 1st prize : SLW e-voucher worth RM50 

 2nd prize : SLW e-voucher worth RM30

3rd prize : SLW e-voucher worth RM20

I'm gonna tag:

Dress Cinta 1st Giveaway

I was blogwalking todat, and stumbled upon this GA by Bundle Dress Cinta. The GA runs until 3 May 2011. Juz click on the banner above to join, ok?

It is organised by Najwa in conjunction wif her fiance's b'day & also the launch of her new blogshop, Bundle Dress Cinta.

Najwa - the proud owner of BDC


- 1 dress of the winner's own choice
- special gift from BDC!


- special gift from BDC!

Let's take a look at what dresses are available at BDC... ^_^

There's so much more dresses. Juz head on to Bundle Dress Cinta to look at more pretty dresses for sale! Be sure u are a fan of BDC on Facebook to get the latest updates of fabulous dresses~!!

Juz wanna say:

to Najwa on her new blog launch!!!

I'm gonna tag:

GA results are in~!!

Yup, the results for Baby Hannah's 2nd B'day GA are in~!! Plz click here to know more... ^_^

Plus, to all GA contestants, plz take this as token of appreciation from me. Thanks a lot & happy blogging~!!! >_<

Sunday, April 24, 2011

GA is officially closed~!!

I'm happy to announce that Baby Hannah's 2nd B'day GA is now officially closed.

Submission of entries after 23rd April 2011 (11.59pm) will not be tolerated. For those who have not yet fulfilled the conditions of the GA, plz do so a.s.a.p. (click here to look at the names)

I will pile up all submissions & will evaluate entries for the best wish prize. Besides that, every entry is entitled to be in the running of winning the lucky winner prize. ^_^

Announcements of winners will be made on Tuesday (26th April 2011), insyaAllah. Till then, happy blogging~!!! >_<