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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Telekung Jersey GA

Let's join this GA by Siah One Stop Centre. The GA runs until 21 May 2011. Click here to join too~!!

Siah One Stop Centre sells telekung that are sewn by Diyana & her family. Yes, it's a family business. Below are samples of a telekung for children & for adults.

I'm sure Baby Hannah would love to have her own telekung like this one too~..

Telekung for adults

Self-sewn hemline, very nice!
There are different sizes of telekung that is suitable for children of all ages.

size a : Labuh telekung 70 cm, labuh kain 70 cm
( 1 -3 years old))
size b : Labuh telekung 80 cm, labuh kain 80 cm
( 4- 5 years old)
size c :Labuh telekung 90 cm, labuh kain 90 cm
(6-9 years old)
Dewasa XS (kanak-kanak 10-12 years old)

Dewasa S (teenagers 13- 16 years old)

The prices are also affordable & reasonable~!! ^_^

I hope my dear Baby Hannah will one day wear a telekung and always perform the solah to become a solehah muslimah.

Little Baby Hannah wearing a hijab, hehe


* Grand prize: a set of limited edition telekung for one adult & one child

* 2nd & 3rd prize: a set of children's telekung for each person


Diyana said...

gud luck baby hannah n mamanye..;)

Nisa' Azman said...

@diyana: ok, thanks!!