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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Finally I have time to join this lucky draw by eB ezrin. The lucky draw ends 30 April 2011. Juz click the banner above to join, ok?

Memories are precious.
Memories are best to tell us what things are precious, important, funny & even hurtful in our lives.

Memories are best kept through writing in a diary/journal..

...or in a blog.

But best of all,
memories are best kept in photographs.

We can keep those memories of our first Raya celebration together..

Of our newborn baby..

Of our child's first row of baby teeth...

Of our child's moments outside of the house...

And of our child's 2nd b'day.

Memories should be preciously kept in our minds forever. ^_^

I'm gonna tag:


Shera Haifa

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Anonymous said...

really sweet.. gd luck yer :)
result @ 5... ;p