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Monday, May 16, 2011

CloveTWO: Bags, Blings and Things Contest

Here's a contest I joined that I would like to share with my lovely blogger frens/readers. This contest is organised by CloveTWO and is sponsored by Pink Poison. Click the banner above to join.

All you have to do is:
* login to CloveTWO via your MyStar ID
* do the following:
"All you need to do is snap a picture of yourself styling it up with either a BAG, a BLING (meaning jewelry or anything that shines and blings) or a THING (shoes, key chains, purses, etc.), then tell us about the picture in not more than 25 words."
* then press the "Submit" button and you're done!

You can submit as many entries as you want, juz make sure the pics and answers are different for each entry.

The closing date for the contest is 29 May 2011. Winners will be announced on 6 June 2011. Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize x 1 Honolulu Honeys Black

2nd Prize x 1Twilight Tease

3rd Prize x 1Courtesan Compact,
Let's Make Up! Tissue Box Cozy,
Mary Jane Wedges in Tangerine Shoe Bag

So...what if you aren't a MyStar member? No need to worry, juz sign up then! And you won't regret it, as ParenThots & CloveTWO occasionally organise contests for members to join. ^_^

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