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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kraf Malinja Giveaway

Let's join this GA by Kraf Malinja. In conjunction wif her b'day & the soon-to-be-borned baby, Mal is giving away her handcrafted goodies~!!. The GA ends 7 May 2011. To join, juz click the banner above.

These are the prizes to be won:

A) 1 set fridge magnet (3 items)
B) 1 handphone case + 1 hp charm
C) 1 pendrive case + 1 brooch

With every prize set, there will be additional gifts consisting of:
1 keychain of Mal's choice + 1 keychain with the winner's name.

Here's a peek at some of the stuff preciously handcrafted at Kraf Malinja:

They look kinda real, don't u think?

I like this one!!! I really like to order some from Mal.. XP

Suggestions for Kraf Malinja:

* set up a Facebook account especially for Kraf Malinja, so that customers who have Facebook accounts can easily browse through the handcrafts and get the latest updates
* install a feed burner where customers with email addresses can know about the latest updates from Kraf Malinja via email
* advertise Kraf Malinja in sites such as Bloggers Malaysia & Malaysia's Online Shopping Directory and so much more.
* set up a stall selling the handcrafts in places such as Subang Parade.
* give out pamphlets or business-card-like fliers to people on the street

Now I would like to wish a little something for Mal:

Hope the baby arrives well & healthy.
May the baby bring more happiness into your life.

And also:

I'm gonna tag:

Golden Rose


Mama Tisya


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