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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You pick, You tell, You win Contest

Let's join this contest by Shuhada. The contest runs until 22 May 2011. Juz click on the banner above to join, ok?

A fave topic which I like from Shuhada's blog would be Why Premium Beautiful Corset expensive?. Here is a copy-paste of the entry I took, hehe..

This is becauseeee....:

  • special design for every women to get 70% HEALTH BENEFIT
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY....!!!....(u can wear it up to 20 years time.....)
  • IT HAS FIR(far infrared rays) TREATMENT
  • WEAR IT 8 HRS A DAY and u will see the result
  • XTRA BENEFITS which PB will not only for maintain your body figure but also can reduce fat and reshape your body
  • no more flabby tummy and butt
  • it will solve all the inner problem

What I like about this entry is because it gives reasons as to why the Premium Beautiful Corset is expensive yet should be bought. It clears some questions and doubts from people's minds (and mine too) that corsets are meant to be expensive coz they have a whole lot of good in them. Beneficial goods, especially. Hehe.. Furthermore, you may want to note that the Premium Beautiful Corset is a luxury corset, not simply an ordinary and simple corset that you can find anywhere.

Corsets, especially from Premium Beautiful, help women mainly to get slimmer and trimmer, and to help us cure or solve those health problems we have.  Plus, the Premium Beautiful Corset helps cure all sorts of inner problems we might have. Now, isn't that great? It's like a beneficial 2-in-1 corset, hehe.. Who wouldn't want that, right?

Before this, I always look at those corsets sold in beauty shops and wonder beyond anything else why they're so very expensive? I mean, if they were a bit cheaper, I would persuade Hubby to buy one for me, since I'm not that of a slim figure exactly, huhu~...

But in this entry, Shuhada has explained it all. As Shuhada states, wear the corset for 8 hours a day, and you will see the result. (which I guess means that you will see that you may have gone slimmer bit by bit). What's more, the Premium Beautiful Corset can be worn up to 20 years!!! You're guaranteed a lifetime warranty. Saves you a whole lot of money in the end, doesn't it? Hihi~.. XD

Anyway, if you have doubts about the Premium Beautiful Corset, there are testimonials from previous customers who have tried the corset and have found that it makes wonders to their bodies! Head on to Shuhada's blog if you want to read those testimonials. You never know that these testimonials might insipre you to buy this awesome Premium Beautiful Corset. Hihi.. ^_^

So, for anyone out there who's seeking for that promising yet proven-to-be-true corset, don't hesitate to contact Shuhada via these mediums:

yahoo mgr : shuhada_nordin
email :
phone : 0139128113
facebook : Norshuhada Muhd Nordin

These are the prizes in store for 3 winners:

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

I'm gonna tag:

Cute Mum

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shuhada said...

wow..such a great n nice summary...i want just a little but u give more..thanx a brings a bit difficult for my leader n me to choose the winner just because of the creative n inspiring summary like what u did..huhuhuhu....i will try my best too evaluate fair n square...:)...thanx again nisa..:)

shuhada said...

ooppsss nisa..i think u forgot to be my blog follower la..hehehe..just click the Follow buton when u are free ya..


Nisa' Azman said...

@shuhada: hehe, thanx for the compliments!! nway, sori for not following u earlier, but I've followed u now. ^_^