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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

Amy of Sinar Raudah has invited me to join this contest of hers. The contest ends 1 July 2011. So hurry & click the banner now to join!

This contest is sponsored by DAC Boutique Online - Amy's own business.

Judges for the contest consist of:

* Kak Zia
* Kak Diana

I'm gonna put this pic of Hannah smiling & showing off her teeth, hehe... ^_^
Baby's name: Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal
Baby's age: 2 years old
D.O.B: 23 April 2009
Mother's name: Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman


Amy Syaquena said...

Terima kasih ye coz sudi join contest SR nie.penyertaan memenuhi syarat yang SR inginkan.Good luck ok.

Nisa' Azman said...

@Amy: ok, hehe.. thanx..