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Friday, June 24, 2011


This interesting giveaway contest is by Iman. The contest runs until 5 July 2011. Juz click on the banner above to join..^_^

This contest is organised for a good cause. While participating in this contest, we are also helping UNICEF Malaysia to support their Get on Board campaign. This particular campaign is aiming to achieve 100,000 supporters. Currently, there are 43,000++ supporters. UNICEF Malaysia needs more people to support this campaign which is mainly focused on going against child abuse.

Actually, I have been a supporter of the campaign since last year. I was at Subang Parade at that time when a lady approached me & asked if I would like to support the campaign. After filling up a card-like form, the lady said that I would receive an email from UNICEF Malaysia to verify my registeration as a supporter. She gave me a card for me to keep as proof of being a supporter.

But after a few days, I still didn't receive the so-called email. So, on 27 November 2010, I went online to the campaign's website that could be found on the card, and registered myself via the web. I immediately got a verification email, and soon after that, I'm of the many campaign supporters there are now.

Click for a better view

To show more support, we can create our own hand designs which symbolises our hand in support of the Get on Board campaign. I've designed my hand as well. And I've uploaded on Facebook & on UNICEF Malaysia's Facebook fanpage. You can see my hand at their page, hehe... ^_^

A nice green hand, don't u think?

on Facebook
(Click for a better view)
If you've noticed, my hand is also in my personal blog, Greennn Inspiration. Try looking at the right-hand sidebar..hehe.. ^_^ Plus, I've even blogged about it --> here <--

Well done to Iman for organising this very deedful contest. May many bloggers participate in this contest so as to increase the number of campaign supporters.

Ok, enough talking. Now here are the prizes to be won:

Grand prize
Mystery prize (something related to UNICEF)

Second prize
A box of homemade chocolates

5x consolation prizes
A one-month duration of blog review & blog advertising let's raise our hands in support. And STOP CHILD ABUSE!! Click here to join. >_<

I'm gonna tag:


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