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Monday, June 27, 2011

GA - Kisah Klasik Kita

I'm joining this contest by keyphochee. It ends 3 July 2011. Click the banner above to join.

I knew Hubby via a comic magazine. At that time, I was in Form 5, months away from my SPM exam 2005. At first we became frens. We SMSed and called each other every day, talking about everything,including mangas & animes. Then after nearly a month, we became lovers. We loved each other although we never have met before. So, Hubby then suggested that we meet at his hometown in Kelantan.

Wif all the courage that I had, (of course I was scared meeting him for the 1st time!), I went there via an express bus on January 2006. As I stepped out of the bus when I finally arrived there, a young man came up to me & asked, "Ini Nisa ke?" (trans: "Are you Nisa?") Hubby instantly knew me although he saw me for the 1st time.

After a few years of being lovers, we happily tied the knot on 24 January 2009.

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IntaNBerliaN said...

oo macam tu ke nisa kenal hubby.. hihii nisa minat komik ek..

saya nak join jugaklah.. best pulak ingat balik cerita lama.. hihii.. kena cepat2 cari masa ni.. mesti join GA ni... dah byk tertinggal ni.. huhh!!

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: hehe.. macam budak2 kn minat komik nie? skrg xbrape minat dah, hihi~.. join la, leh gak sy tau camne ina knal hubby ina. xpe ina, take ur time.. blog xkan lari punye.. ^_^

fiQ'Ra said...

Hye, if sudi jom la join =)

Keyphochee said...

so sweet..thanx join..gud luck!

Nisa' Azman said...

@fiqra: ok, thanks for the invitation..

@keyphochee: hehe.. welcome..