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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Nurkheir 1st Giveaway: Si Manja Chumil Bertudung/ Berbaju Melayu

Let's come & join this cute contest by Humayraa. The contest runs until 5 May 2011, so you have plenty of time to join. Remember to click the pic above for more details of the contest, ok?

Here's a pic of Baby Hannah wearing a hijab, when she was still small..hehe.. >_<

Baby's name: Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal
Baby's age: 1 year & 10 months old
D.O.B: 23 April 2009
Mother's name: Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman

Message: Hope & pray that you will be an obedient & pious servant of Allah,
daughter, granddaughter & person.
Ibu & Papa love you so much~!!

The contest is divided into 2 categories: Muslim Baby & Muslimah Baby. Prizes....?

1. Hadiah Pertama
     Moo Moo Kow Diaper from EZ Motherhood 
     Set pakaian
     plus 2 hadiah misteri

2. Hadiah Kedua
    plus 1 hadiah misteri

3. Hadiah Ketiga
    Sweater cumill 
    plus 1 hadiah misteri

### 3 hadiah saguhati##

Hadiah Bonus 
- 2 Hadiah Bonus bagi 2 orang penyumbang post terbanyak..
- 1 Hadiah Bonus Bagi penyertaan pertama pada tarikh tertentu, akan diberi hadiah. Tarikhnya adalah rahsia...Tungguuuu..........

P/S: Hadiah akan diupdate dari masa ke semasa ekk..

--ok, come n join now!! ^_^

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humayraa said...

Cutenyer hannah ni...:)

Hehe..salam Nisa'..
Dah ok dah, cume may i know d.o.b. hannah?
& tag if anybody may interested..tq ..appreciate u're joining me and Baby Nur...:)

Nisa' Azman said...

owh..ok, noted.
Thnx for informing me, humayraa~.. ^_^ I've edited my entry..

humayraa said...


Nisa' Azman said...

@humayraa: OK, no prob.. hehe..