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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GIVEAWAY NisaChoc & ZulFoto

 Let's join this giveaway by NisaChoc. (yeah, we have the same name, hihi~...) Juz click the banner above to join. The GA ends 29 April 2011.


UTAMA (bernilai RM 60- coklat +pos)
35 cavities coklat
design, colour, wording boleh request!
*seorang pemenang sahaja


Baucer NisaChoc (bernilai RM 10)
*untuk 3 orang pemenang

So what are you waiting for? These chocs need to be eaten! Hihi~.. >_^

I'm gonna tag:


EZAN IDMA said...

tq tag :) btw goodluck ye

Nisa' Azman said... prob!
Thnx gak coz follow blog contest sy nie, hihi~!! ^_^