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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Sleeping Angel Contest

A contest by Hidayati, a mother of 5 kids, and co-organised by  Rombengan cikLuna !! ^_^ The contest ends 14 March 2011. Juz click the pic above to join.

Now for a pic of Baby Hannah sleeping.. (this was taken when she was around 2-3 months old)

Baby's name: Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal
Baby's age: 1 year & 10 months old
Mother's name: Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman

These are the prizes that are up for grabs!!!
1st prize: Folded basket

2nd & 3rd prize: Folded chair

Consolation prize x3: wall stickers

I'm gonna tag:


Hidayati said...

Thanks for joining. The contest is almost reaching its end. Really love the pic. Anyway, everything is arcording the rules except one of your tagging is not link to the blogger's. Kindly make a quick adjust before 14 Mac. Good luck.

Nisa' Azman said...

@hidayati: ok, noted. I've inserted the link. Thnx!!

[ibuLUNAZAHRA] said...

Rombengan cikLuna, bkn tukang sponsor..cuma rakan sekutu aje..sponsor hadiah & penganjur adalah kak Hidayati sendiri.. :)
anyway good luck ye

Nisa' Azman said...

@ibuLUNAZAHRA: Owh, really? Hehe.. nntai sy btulkn ye.. sori..