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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GA Proud Mum:

Let's join this giveaway by Qalish. The dateline will be confirmed later. Click the banner above to join, OK?

Benefits of joining Parenting Hood at

* meet and befriend other Mama & Papa bloggers
* sharing tips/experinces as being a parent
* get to join a breatfeeding community for Mamas
* get firsthand info about the latest baby products
* and so much more!!

I'm proud to be a mum, especially a young mum, because motherhood teaches me a lot of things. I subconciously tend to be more responsible of the things I do, I care for people more, and I usually have to think twice before I take an action or make a decision, considering the facts that I'm now a wife and a mother. In the old days when I was single, life seemed to be care-free and not full of responsibilities and stuff. But when I entered marriage and motherhood, my eyes and mindset are opened to view life in a more valuable way. ^_^


Anonymous said...

True,once you become a mother everything are all about our lil angel...Tq for joining...gud luck mommy

Nisa' Azman said...

hehe..thnx!! ^_^