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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Contest SHAWL | Shawl Cantik Untuk di Menangi!!

Let's join this contest by Little Mama. The contest ends 13 July 2011. Click on the banner to join. I've been a follower of her blog for quite some time.. Follower ID: Nisa' Azman

Little Mama is giving away pretty shawls to 7 winners. Hope I'll be one of them, hehe.. >_<

pashmina ayya grey Contest SHAWL | Shawl Cantik Untuk di Menangi!!

shawl 3 lapis Contest SHAWL | Shawl Cantik Untuk di Menangi!!
Some of the shawls up for grabs~..

Ok, now to give reasons on why I should have the shawl.. (Sebab Nak Shawl).

I'm absolutely a fan of shawls... ^_^  I love shawls.. I love wearing shawls.. And I love joining contests, giveaways n such that are about shawls!!! Hihi~...

These 2 shawls are the first shawls I have,
bought by Hubby on my b'day last year..

These are the shawls I bought myself, hehe..

This pink shawl is the prize for winning in a giveaway organised by Butik Alesya.

It's called a branded shawl, coz it has the name "Louis Vuitton" all over it..

This black shawl is the 1st shawl I bought online, from Chanteks Butik.

Hihi~... I totally love them all!!! And by joining this contest by Little Mama, I hope that my shawl collection will increase~!!! ^_^

Plz vote for Hannah~!!


anisyafrina said...

gud luck... ^__^

jom joint contest hantaran idaman pulak kat

Nisa' Azman said...

@ani: ok dear.. nnti sis join ye..