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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been personally invited by Deqlis to join this GA of hers. The GA ends 31 July 2011. Click on the banner above to join.

Esp for Facebook users..

1. Like the MyWrangler fanpage

2. Go to it's application

3. Then search for the name "Ellismelia Mohamed" & click LIKE at the pic as seen above.

Simple & easy~!! I've given 3 votes to her via these IDs: Nisa Ijal, Ijal Islam & Matt Kool. Here's what you might win...

hadiahnya ikut keputusan contest MyWrangler. 
JIKA me menang 1st Prize:
untuk seorang pemenang di pilih secara

JIKA me menang 2nd Prize:
untuk 2 orang pemenang di pilih secara

JIKA me menang 3rd Prize:
untuk 4 orang pemenang di pilih secara

JIKA saguhati (if undi ciput) haha...atau tak menang :
Hadiah saguhati akan diberikan buat 2 orang dipilih secara
(hadiah mungkin berupa hadiah barangan/wang tunai juga..akan di beritahu kemudian)

I'm gonna tag:

Plz vote for me~!!

1 comment:

deqlis said...

thanks join..

p/s: deqlis dah vote awak jugak///
n3 dah buat tp tak posting lagi...tunggu:-)

Jom join GA Deqlis.. Timaceh
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