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Friday, July 8, 2011

Perrgggghh: Lizahanum Nak Bagi Surprise Gift Dari JAKARTA & BANDUNG

I've been tagged by Kak Atie to join this GA by Lizahanum. The GA ends 16 July 2011. Click the banner above to join.

Lizahanum is going to give away surprise gifts bought from Jakarta & Bandung to 15+ lucky winners. Hope I can be one of them.

I should really be picked as one of the lucky winners coz it would be really nice to have some souvenirs from a foreign country, hehe.. Plus, although Lizahanum is generous about organising GAs, I have never won in any of them yet. ">_<

I'm gonna tag:


Kak Nida

mama shifa

Plz vote for Hannah~!!

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