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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jom Join Cabutan Bertuah by Ordervco & Raflessia Collection !

Let's join this lucky draw by Ordervco & Raflessia Collection. The contest ends 15 August 2011. Click the banner above to join.

Ordervco is a blog that sells VCO products. VCO stands for "Virgin Coconut Oil" by Catalyst. The product is good for health & skin problems, plus many more.

Prizes to be won by 3 lucky winners~...

1x Vco worth RM39.90

Products from Raflessia Collection
(Shawl/ Inner Syria worth RM20.00)

I suggest that the blog owner makes Ordervco into a user-friendly website. Plus, pics of the VCO products could be pasted on the sidebar of the blog so that bloggers & readers can easily know what a VCO looks like. Organising a contest like this is a great way to find customers. ^_^

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